There are many resources which can help students practice for the contest. Below is a list of just a few. We want to encourage all students to practice even after the contest has finished.



The USACO is an online competition where students can compete at different difficulty levels. They also have a training site with many practice problems. Students who perform well in the contests and progress through the training pages may also receive an invitation to a summer training camp dedicated to competitive programming.



Codeforces is a website dedicated specifically to competitive programming. They hold weekly programming contests and also have old contests and problems available as practice. Students can also register an account to compete in their contests and gain a competitive rating. All of our past contests can be found on codeforces for practice here. In addition to being good practice, it also looks impressive on a college application.



Polygon is a tool from Codeforces used to create programming contests. Teachers can use this site to set up their own programming contests which they can then export to Codeforces and run a contests for students there. If you are interested in learning how to do this, feel free to contact us.